September 14, 2008

World News

I’ve been reading one of the leading newspapers in Norway for almost a year now or more. It was introduced by me from someone from Norway also. So if you have relatives or love ones lived in Norway or in Europe country I can share to you the some leading Newspaper this will help you a lot for updates.

You can have easy access for world news update not just particularly in Norway but to all over the world.

1.) VG = is the Norway’s Largest tabloids.

2.) Aftenposten = this is the one I am reading most. Aftenposten is Norway second largest newspaper.

3.) Dagbladet = is the 3rd Largest tabloids in Norway. This is published seven days a week . The publication includes additional weekly feature magazines: Magasinet every Saturday, "Søndag" more oriented towards interior and design every Sunday, "Fredag" focuses on popular culture and young adults every Friday, and also "SportMagasinet" which is a pure feature sports magazine, every Friday.

4.) Adresseavisen = is a regional newspaper published in Trondheim, Norway daily, except Sundays. The newspaper was first published July 3, 1767 as "Kongelig allene privilegerede Trondheims Adresse-Contoirs Efterretninger", making it the oldest Norwegian newspaper still being published. The name has changed several times before the newspaper got its present name. Locally it is sometimes referred to as "Adressa".

5.) Bergen Tidende = Found in 1868, this is a newspaper published daily in Bergen Norway. It’s only available in Norwegian language.

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