July 14, 2009

Traveller's Precautions!

Last day i was in mall because i had an eye check-up. I went to an optical shop. Well, when i enter the mall i noticed for an anti-bacterial hand wash in the entrance area. When going out at the exit area they also have the same bottle. Of course i follow what others do.
In fairness the anti-bacterial smells good to my hands. Lol! Well, this is precautions as we all know that lots of illnesses are spreading anywhere, so good enough that they have sanitizer.

I went to two malls, SM and Alimall and they have the same procedures and precautions. I guess this is not much enough to prevent but that will help. So for everyone who are not aware don't panic this is normal way of keeping away for easy illness, specially to those traveller's and to everyone.


Shailendra Singh said...

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KunthanRaj said...

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