October 16, 2009

Bathroom Accessories

We we’re told by the owner of the house where I stayed now , that they are planning to renovate our bathroom. It’s a good news for everyone indeed! Aside from that they told us that no price increase for our rentals. They are kind enough for all who rent here. I’ve been living here for almost 9 years and I did not encounter any problem specially to the owner.

Now that they are looking forward for renovation, one of owner niece is looking for bathroom accessories. She also hook into internet everyday, so tonight they showed us online shopping area for ideas on what to buy and where to purchase for the upcoming bathroom change.

At http://www.betterbathrooms.com , she found all kinds of bathrooms gadget. From tiles, taps, furniture, shower system this time hope the shower will work. We have existing shower but it’s not working. She’s also planning putting a big mirror, cabinets inside of it. For sure our bathroom will soon be nice. Specially now that the owner is willing enough to re-decorate.

If you need too, don’t hesitate to open and add your choices and visit immediately at better bathrooms.com. Aside from accessories, you can get ideas on designs and styles. For those who wants luxury things like Jacuzzi, yes they all have it there. One stop shop for to have a better and new looking bathroom.


Lulu said...

i love beautiful bathroom ... dugay man gud ko mugamit ug cr... gusto ko magbasa basa while naglingkod sa trono

Euroangel said...

we also need to renovate ours...next year when winter is over..thanks a visit sis!
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