October 27, 2009

Corporate Housing

I just talked to my old office mate who is now a successful business woman. She asked me if I knew where she can get good investment for her staff. She’s planning to give incentives to her employees by giving them good shelter, like home, apartments or condo’s. And she told me post it here if I can find one. Luckily PC Housing offers best for corporate housing , what a good timing for my friend.

PC Housing is willing to assists and give benefits to each employee. How I wish my company can also give us this kind of fortune incentives. For all who needs quotation or for your personal reference for all housing matters easy hooked onto http://www.pchousing.com.


kat said...


Good one on Corporate Housing. If you are looking for corporate housing rentals it doesn't matter if you are a corporate and searching for rental or properties or you own a property and looking to rent out http://tchnetwork.com/blog/ can help. Their service is amazing.


Chris said...

For flexible accommodations, I've used http:www/TCHNetwork.com in the past and it worked well, without a hitch. I travel for business quite a bit, and instead of staying in a hotel, I typically hop on this site, find & book corporate housing within a few minutes

Mary Brown said...

this is often an innovative web site that gives required connections between renters and landlords, the aim is to connect property owners needing to advertise their nice properties with renters seeking quality, affordable housing.
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bizFlats said...

Some of these are pretty cool. If would respect the list more if it weren’t so mac centric however. Nice list either way… more info visit "Barcelona Apartmentos "