October 12, 2009

See U2 in Istanbul

Legendary rock band U2, fronted by the inimitable Bono, has announced the continuation of their sell-out 360 World Tour in 2010. This time the focus is on venues in Europe not covered by 2009 dates. On September 6, 2010 they come to Istanbul in Turkey. For the adventurous it is an opportunity to combine a U2 concert with a city break. Why not experience the magic of Istanbul, its sights and sounds, with stays in some of the finest Istanbul hotels over the weekend of 4 and 5 September, then extending the stay to take in the U2 gig on Monday September 6 at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium? It would certainly be a break that you’d never forget!

The U2 Tour
The 360 Degree Tour is one of U2’s most spectacular yet. It is a stadium tour with a stage that is designed as a 360 surround. The stage is built centrally in the stadium space with the audience surrounding the circular structure. A giant cylindrical video screen towers up from the core of the stage, while the band play to the audience all the way around on the stage platform. As the show is visible to all tiered seating in the stadiums played, there is better ticket availability for each show compared to gigs where the stage is located at one end of the stadium.

The Ataturk Olympic Stadium is the chosen venue for U2’s visit to Turkey. It was opened in 2001 and has the capacity to seat 80,600 people. Ataturk is in European Turkey in the western zone of Istanbul city. Ataturk airport is close by making it easily accessible to visitors from overseas.

Where to stay in Istanbul
As you’d expect in a vibrant European city, there are plenty of places to stay over for a short break in Istanbul. Hotels along the Bosphorus – the river that traditionally divides European Istanbul from Asian Istanbul – will give you some stunning views of the waterway. Many world class hotels and restaurants can be found with views over the Bosphorus. The ancient part of the city, between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are also highly recommended.


Cacai M. said...

hoizzt.. I love U2! If you will go in Istanbul, Turkey tell me hah.. so I can go with you.. heheh..


kittykat said...

sana mag concert din sila dito sa Pinas..they are one of my fave rockbands eh..pupunta talaga ako Manila if that happends..them or Coldplay..hay..no matter how expensive the tickets..