November 25, 2009


My friend Lot, is asking me to check on flight going to Bohol. Hoping she could get reasonable flight for her brother who is planning to have connecting flight from Canada, Manila then Bohol. But sad to know that tickets are changing from time to time.

Just last Tuesday we did some inquiries to Zest Air it was just Php1,700.00 , but then that the next day it's almost over Php 4,500.00 one way. Gush! super heavy. Hope we can still get best deals to some other airlines.

Still the best thing is to do is, to have reservation months ago if planning to travel. That's how it is when in rush booking.

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burn said...

nice tip.. hello mam. kamusta? You are a friend of dhemz right? taga asa ka mam? pwede sad ta mag ka friends?