November 24, 2009

How can you stay healthy on your trip?

Hey folks, to avoid panic in your trip , plan it carefully ahead of time prior to your flight. The best way to stay healthy on your trip is to plan before you go. If you are planning to travel to another country, see a doctor at least six weeks before you leave so you will have time for shots (immunizations) that you may need to get ahead of time.Also ask your doctor if there are medicines or extra safety steps that you should take. For example, people who have heart failure may need to take shorter flights with more stops to avoid long periods of sitting. Or someone visiting Africa may need to take medicine to prevent malaria.

My hubby when he did his first travel last 2007, he had the immunization and some vaccination. It costs a bit but for safety it's a must, specially if it's your first visit on that country.

I read this article very helpful for travelers. Right?
Thanks to the Photo Source my first time to see google plane. :-)

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