November 13, 2009

Oh Boy It's Amanda

Gush! it's Amanda, as you noticed that i'm waiting for this finale for Survivor Philippines second edition. Yesterday i wrote something about Amanda in my other site and YES! Amanda deserved to be the SOLE SURVIVOR.

It was really thrilling because they got tie votes for 3 all between Amanda and Justine. Then only one vote left and finally it's for Amanda. Hooray! Amanda, is a half filipina and half american. She is a constractor worker in Alaska, her mom is a care giver and her dad has many job working too hard for the family.

Now, it's Amanda who won the 3M. Great! One thing days ago there was many rumors that it was Jeff who won but even a single vote Jeff didn't got.:-(.

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shydub said...

Nice info tsang, sus dili mn ko maka kita ug survivor diri ky tua mn sa HBO chanel ang amo tv permi. half pinoy d i na siya tsang, mao d i gwapa preha nku waaaa.