November 24, 2009

Tips for flying

Flying is not always fun. But you can take steps to make it easier and to feel better during and after your flight.

•Pack anything that may cause problems at security—such as gels, liquids, sharp scissors, or pocket knives—in the luggage you plan to check. Leave lighters and matches at home.

•Wear roomy, comfortable shoes that slip on and off. These are easy to remove when you go through security at the airport. They will also be more comfortable if your feet swell on the plane.

•Get up and walk around each hour during your flight. Long airplane flights make deep vein thrombosis more likely. Many doctors recommend that you wear compression stockings during a journey longer than 8 hours. When on long flights, you should also flex and point your feet every 20 minutes while you are sitting, drink a large glass of water every 2 hours, and avoid alcohol and drinks with caffeine.

•Take steps to prevent jet lag, such as drinking plenty of liquids and changing your sleep schedule to the new time zone.

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walkw/me said...

Hay hadlok jud ko mo fly sis! Hadlok ko basin maunsa nya ang plane ako gsakyan, pero sa bagay ingon bitaw sila nga ang life weather weather lang.!