February 27, 2010

Precautions in Travelling

I just want to share with you guys my travel experience last January for Philippines to Norway. When travelling, make sure to check and be updated on the latest updates when you arrived in airport, like me i didn't noticed that my gate number to my next flight was changed. So i still follow what's on my ticket but then when i reached that said it's flight to another destination, so hassle because i am running out of time so just be careful for your own sake, specially if you travel alone. Check all the monitors.
If you travel don't bring more luggages with you, if you could travel light do it as possible. Always remember to have pen and paper ready. Bring extra cash for emergency. I also bring some medicine for immediate needs.
Enough for today folks. Will be doing more online job tomorrow.

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Jackielyn said...

That's a great reminder. I've experienced such hassle too, but with my own carelessness that I didn't got on my own flight, but thank God that what happened is an accident, and they book me for another flight after one week, and no need to pay for ticket again. So always be careful, with your things, especially your own passport, because that's your life when you go to other country. - mazatlan home rentals