February 26, 2010

What I Need Now

The other day we spent time looking for a winter clothes for me, more specifically winter jackets but unfortunately we didn't find any because soon will be spring time. We found some, but we didnt like the texture and even the fitting was not too great. So, i told my family that we should try and look online for an alternative place to buy clothes. Its a little more difficult, because you cant actually feel the quality of the jacket before purchasing, but often there are returns policies that can give you added peace of mind. the main advantage of buying online is the discount you would find compared to a land based store.
When walking outside, i like to go with a thicker jacket if i am expecting rain, or a light walkstalker type jacket if I am out in more blustery conditions. Yopu should also consider that a warm underlayer or fleece can also add an additional layer of protection when braving the great outdoors.

If you are not familiar with outdoor clothing manufacturers, then there are a few top brands to look out for. Berghaus jackets, or North Face are the top brands to look for. These are available for men and women, so there is alot of variety out there for you. You should also ask yourself a few questions when deciding which waterproof jacket to buy. Think of the following things:

- What will you be using the jacket for ? Is it lightweight stuff or all weather hiking.

- What materials do you need? Would you prefer a membrane or coated jacket?

- Is there a certain zipper requirement?

- What is my budget for this jacket?

By asking all of these questions, you can get a better idea of what jacket is best for you.

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