March 14, 2010

Blogvertise Problem

Last night i had a big problem accessing my blogvertise account. I cannot log-in, it always says like the URL is broken, so i am bit worried because i have some tasks there. I talked to my cousin and she told me to clear my cached, but the problem also is that i cannot understand the Norge Language in my computer.

So, i asked help from my hubby to translate some wordings and i tried clearing some info's for my log in. But still it's the same, so my hubby told me to wait until the next day , he told me maybe error from server. Then yes he is right, i also got offline message from my cousin that some of her friends experienced same as mine.

So this morning it's back and got no problem! Thanks cuz and thanks hubby. Anybody of you got same problem with blogvertise log-in? But somewhere in U.S i am sure they didn't encounter same problem here.


Mama Ko said...

We have the same problem too last night tsang. added already your blog to my other blog tsang. ako ra nya i add sa isa kung maka log in ko didto ky lain mn to nga account. thanks for adding all my blogs.

fetus said...

i also had the same problem. abi nako'g naunsa na. :) pero ok na xa karun...

Anne said...

@tsang: mao lagi tsang ka dima dima ko ngano abi ko akong browser, ako na gibasul ang pc basin kay dili man ko kasabot sa mga wordings dire. lol.

Anyways, tnx for adding tsang.

@fetus: sis, mao ni wala man gud notice pud nga magka problem sila. Mao tawon ta nagka buang2x. lol.

Thanks for comments mga sisters.