March 26, 2010

Feeling Tired!!!

I feel like so tired folks. Over blog? hahaha! Maybe yes, i feel like my back is hurting again. I always feel this way, even before i was working i feel like so heavy. Hmmm... maybe need some pause! I need a massage.

But i need to finish my online job. Hmmm... pause and then continue! Agree? Ok have a nice day everyone. I found here some tips for back massage and relaxation. Hope this can help!

Required Equipment for Therapeutic Back Massage:
-Warm, quiet, relaxed environment.
-Firm comfortable surface such as a (firm) bed, massage table or floor mat.
-Massage Oil. Baby oil will do fine for a starter.
-Towels: to lie on, and also to cover the body.
-Cushions or pillows.
Massage Tips:

-Massage oil decreases the friction created on the skin and prevents the pulling of hairs. Don't use too much: The less oil, the greater the friction and the deeper the pressure.
-Use slower movements for a soothing or calming response.
-When applying pressure with finger or thumb, provide support with the other fingers and thumbs. Otherwise you will wear your thumbs out!

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