March 16, 2010

Flights to Canada

After the Winter Olympics just week ago, I am convinced that Canada is a place to go. I am just so happy that my cousin and her family travelled there during the event, so she told me what Canada is. A place for tourism. I even have many friends who lives and working there, so one day it's not hard for me to visit because i can ask assistance from them where to go and i want to experience the real beauty of that country. One of the cities where i want to go is in Toronto Canada. This city is very well-known and seems like very interesting. Right? Part of it, i want to go to Vancouver too and Montreal and more, i am dreaming as of now hope this will be for real.

Anyway, as early as now i am checking online about those package Flights to Toronto. Normal in all airlines that if you booked and reserved ticket ahead of time you can get the best deal that you want. I am sure i can surf now and plan how much money allowance or expenses would be from Norway to Canada.

Well, their is no harm in planning and dreaming. But for those who are currently living in Canada now, i am pretty sure they live as happily as ever. For those tourists, enjoy and have fun travelling in one place that cannot be compare by their unique way of welcoming foreigners to their country. Warm and friendly people. Well, Toronto see you.

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