April 21, 2010

Blowing, Raining, Snowing!

What a day folks! It's been blowing, snowing and some rains.... I wanted to go for a walk because I feel a bit weak, but I cannot go out because of the bad weather.

Now the sun is shinning back but it's too late, lol-). Anyway, I will just do some blog hopping today and relax a bit! Hope tomorrow will be fine and I will be fine too!

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Cacai M. said...

Hello la, hopping-in ko dre.. pastilan naa ko naghulat nga buhatonon og blog hopping pa.. sge lang, lingaw mn pod no? muahhh!

As always la, uban2x ni'ng akong tulog ka blogs:
Cacai M.'s Place
Thoughts, Ideas and Resources
Cacai's Steps and Journey

;-) ~hugs&kisses~