April 27, 2010

The Cigar Place

I just started my norsk course today. It was good, but a bit tense and I was nervous. I met a lot of people from different parts of the world. Nice to know them who are now my friends; one of them is from Bolivia and during our break she asked me if I smoked. She brought cigarettes with her. For sure I knew I would meet different kinds of people as I proceed with my schooling.

Anyway, when I arrived home, I felt I needed to rush and check my school task online but I ended up surfing some more for other stuff too. I stumbled on to CAO cigars, I am familiar with some other kinds of cigars but not this CAO. So, I am pretty sure this will be new to others too. Well, if you want to buy cigars online just visit and check their products. They have listed features on all their cigars so you can choose and you can then get a discount as high as 50% and up on each item, especially if you buy in bulk. So smokers, this is the place to be.

Make it easy on yourself, by ordering through online. You may be interested with their cigar humidifier too. So one stop shop for a cigar store online and for you. Convenience is what people need. So it is your choice folks!

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