April 7, 2010

Craving for more food recipes

While doing my rounds today, one of my online friend is talking about food. She loves to cook and most of all love eating. I feel like craving more and more food today. I want to learn more Recipes that are really new and interesting. My friend will email me her cooking recipes, and hope i can manage to follow and can make food from her recipes. Who can resists food? Me, i love eating and discover new food. Recipes can be found online too, i used to follow and search via net also if i feel like , i need to learn more variety of food.

Knowing that i also have my own site for cooking so there are many good recipes there. Collection of good food can be found there. Well, thanks to my friend who will share her new recipes to me. Looking forward to share it with you guys once it will satisfy my taste.

Well, if you have some more interesting food kindly please share to me your recipes. I would love to have it for my collection and i want to do it too. Anyway, time to park folks i still need to cook for our dinner today. Will have fried chicken. Yummy!

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