April 11, 2010

I Will Travel To Belgium

What? I will be going to Belgium? Folks, for now just in dream because Belgium is not that far from Norway where i live now. Belgium is part of European countries so a big possibility to visit there someday. Take note now not, I still need to find best deals and of course the budget. Hard for us to travel this time too because we just spend much more expenses for some more important matters since January. My ticket plane from Philippines to Norway cost too much so not good to spend this time. Right? But Belgium is a good target for my family.
I am also excited to hear how Belgians speak their language. They have the three different kinds of language but their way to welcome and help guest is in English, so no problem at all. I can speak English as well. But now it is really good time to go because they are offering cheap hotels in Brussels , place where your family can stay and relax completely. The best place to unwind and explore.

Belgium is also known as the best chocolate in the world. I agree, my hubby told me now that he has been in Belgium once before. That was his first travel there. Interesting for me. He got a chance to be in Brussels City for couple of hours. Well, he told me that he just go by train from here in Norway. So, not that hassle for us. Well, i am also checking some more hotels in Brugge for some options if ever.

For anyone who got the interest like me visit Belgium official site and you see what Belgium brings for tourist and visitors. So hurry! Include Belgium on your destination.

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Lulu said...

agoy muadto ko sa switzerland dili sa belgium... mao na ultimate dream vacation namo