April 27, 2010

Mimi Holiday: Swimwear

Summer is coming over. I am looking forward to this hot and sunny season. For now, here in Norway, spring has just started, but for me it still feels so cold. For my hubby, it is sometimes too hot for him. Want more of summer? Well, I came from the Philippines so I am used to having a humid, warm type of heat at high temperatures. Before I traveled here, hubby told me not to buy any swimwear because it is better to buy it when I can see it when I am in Norway.

So, I was persuaded to consider this. Well I did get there and go online and, it is in fact, very easy to buy online too if I needed swimwear or lingerie for the summer. I would like to have one of those jets swimwear. They look really cool and nice and comfortable. All styles and designs are displayed on their website. So it is very easy to pick and order. I must keep their website on my computer for my reference and easy access. I can recommend them to some of my online friends who are also shapaholics like me.

I would also like to introduce you to one of the designer brands called mimi holiday. They have a fabulous, wide selection of designs for lingerie and apparel. Mimi Holiday lingerie sets make the perfect gift for all those personal, fun occasions! You can buy for yourself or for a family member and they will feel just as beautiful. Shop till you drop.

I am pretty sure I can also find lingerie or swimwear at this online store that is suitable for my size. Good that I followed my husband's advise. Another thing, make sure to check out their vitamin a swimwear. This is a one package place! You can find all of them through Catriona MacKechnie who offers luxury and extra ordinary fashion swimwear and lingerie collections!

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