April 30, 2010

Most Emailed Photos Online

Folks, I do much research today. I need to know more what is going with the world I am living. I stumbled at Most Emailed Photos Online. I want to share it with you but you can have full details of these pictures too if you want too here.

Anyway take a look at these amazing photos:

1.) A goat performs wire-walking with a monkey on its back at a zoo in Fuzhou, Fujian province April 28, 2010.
2.)An aircraft passes in front of the moon above Manchester, northern England April 26, 2010.
3.)File picture from the US Coast Guard shows fire boats battling the blazing offshore oil rig Deepwater Horizon. US officials have approved a "controlled burn" to protect ecologically fragile coastlines from a spreading oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.
4.)In this photo taken April 26, 2010, construction workers use climbing equipment as they work on the Hoover Dam Bypass over the Colorado River. Completion is expected late 2010 and will result in a bridge spanning 900 feet above the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada.
Have a good day folks. Hope you find this interesting!

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