April 30, 2010

Your Ticket Fare

Planning for any trip this summer? My cousin who lives in Seattle will be going to Philippines tomorrow with her family. Atlast she can go home and visit her relatives and parents for the first time. The couples plan ahead of time for their trip. They need to calculate expenses and most specially that they have two kids. I know it is hard for them to balance everything needed. But the good thing is that they were able to reserved tickets in promo or sale price. So that's a good luck for them. Imagine they were able to saved almost 50% from the original price. So, my cousin was too happy that they got best offer ever.

The ticket place where they got huge discount is the same online company where they also got cheap flights to Montreal.They've been to Canada last winter Olympics, they spend her birthday in the beauty of Montrel. So they used same agent. For now, my cousin told that if ever I need to go somewhere in Canada just check cheapest fare among others. So maybe a good idea for me to keep updated. Who knows one day me and my family will go there. This is a good deal and package.

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