May 12, 2010

Cruise Vacation

Feel the summer hot hot hot? The answer is: We need to go for a tour! What a nice sounds go for a tour. Right? Who doesn't love to go and discover other places? Who doesn't love traveling and exploring other places around the globe? Well, how I wish I can go somewhere in Caribbean. This is one of my dream to go in a cruise.... and feel the ambiance of the Caribbean sea surrounds together with nice and perfect views. And if, anyone of you got the interest to travel there one day, you may like to experience Princess Cruises and Cunard Cruises . You will really feel like a Princess while enjoying the fun and excitement. I can imagine and I can see it through fabulous pictures and shots on their web. Amazing!

Well, if you want to discover this perfect place for vacation someday. You can enjoy surfing in the middle of the ocean, you can go with the FlowRider® surf machine. This can only be on Royal Caribbean cruise. Plus, enjoy float above the ocean they have that whirlpools that “float” 12 feet beyond the sides of the ship. Oh boy! This is tempting me most. If I could fly and go now I will do it now! Another things is that they have that H2O Zone Water Park , a giant splash park with interactive sculpture fountains, spewing geysers and a cascading waterfall.

If you are more athletic then you can drive to Rock wall climbing. You have the chance to climb all the way to the top and look out over the open sea. Over looking? Can you imagine? Super challenging indeed! Well, for more fantastic views you can check them online at It is more wasy for you to roam around with-in their place online. Make a chance to check out their offers as they always have good deals and packages for vacations , accomodations and all.


Lulu Post said...

a tour would be nice! wanna go with me? lol

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