May 18, 2010

Discover the City of Mary

Visiting Canada is one of my dreams. In fact Canada is an affordable vacation choice. Historically the $CN is worth less than $US, thus prices in Canada generally seem reasonable to travelers. Most specially with their unbeatable offers for flights to Montreal.

Montreal, is a great place destination for visitors because of the St. Joseph's Oratory. This oratory is a famous pilgrimage site attracting two million visitors pilgrims each year. Fact about Montreal are, it is the largest City in the Canadian province of Quebec. It was initially called the City of Mary and the official language as defined by the City charter is French.

Some of the major attractions within the City are an environmental museum, insectariums, a museum of fine arts, a museum of contemporary arts , an amusement center, casino and large botanical garden.

You won't regret after visiting Montreal, for it has a relaxed pace, safe neighborhoods and easy going attitude make it a pleasure to explore. A place that you can share with friends and families who are interested to fly over to Canada. See you in Canada one day! I will see to it that this dream will come true!


Lulu said...

agoy daghan ta reason to travel sa canada ani diay

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kat said...

haguy Anne, mag dungan unya ta adto ug Canada kay tua akong manghud didto ug citizen na so naa tay kasak-an Toronto sya haha

naa diay ko award nimo oi sa Mom's Place.