May 27, 2010

PC Strikes!

Folks, still I am not 24 hours online. Just because my pc still not working well, I am sure it is because of virus. But hoping early next week everything will be fine.

For those who wants exchange links with me, just leave your message here and will get back to you immediately or in my shoutmix. I received numerous of request for add links but so sorry for this time I dont have enough time. But no worries I will add you up!

Time to park tonight folks , I am a bit sleepy!


shydub said...

Hope you will have you pc fix so soon tsang, paano nlng ang buhay waaa.

Cacai M. said...

La, take your time.. am/we always here for you.. I know how hard a moment like that.. sus ako nanang nangaagian la.. agkasaputon ko.. og maagian pa.. sapoton gani ko hinay ako connection kana pa kahang all-the-way reinstall sa uban.. tc always la.. ~hugs~

Dhemz said...

agoy, naulian na imong PC sis? basin na overused na...e.ehhehehe....joke!