June 23, 2010

$75M mansion For Sale

I got so shocked when reading online news today and the headline is all about the $75M mansion for sale near Orlando. Seems so crazy but it really true. Imagine this figures about the mansion: 90,000 square feet. Twenty-three bathrooms. Thirteen bedrooms. Ten kitchens. A 20-car garage, with additional space for two limos. Three pools. A bowling alley. Indoor roller rink. Two-story movie theater. Video arcade. Fitness center. Baseball field and two tennis courts.
My goodness! what a mansion... For more complete details check online.
Source here.


*♥Shydub♥* said...

Ako ni paliton ugma tsang and you are all invited to eat my house hehe. In my dreams. kadako sa.

nightblastz said...

Wow..Ang tindi! Wanna buy it..