June 18, 2010

Event Calendar | Beacon Theatre Tickets

Have you heard about the Beacon Theatre? This has been recognized as a national landmark, it has three level auditorium and been recognized by 30 foot statues of Greek women on both side of the proscenium arch.

A place where you can check all kinds of Beacon Theatre Tickets scheduled. This Theater is usually where hardcore bands, gospel singers and world music superstars rock held their concerts. Located at 2124 Broadway in New York, NY. A very easy way to check online for tickets reservation, booking and a possible to be updated with different events around. The only thing to do is to have their site address and mark the events that you are waiting for.

I saw photos on how this Theatre looks like. It is really amazing. A wow factor with a wide area. I can imagine why this is the landmark for most all entertainment. Aside from the Beacon Theatre venue you can also check more tickets venues online via NASSAU COLISEUM TICKETS and schedule events at RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL TICKETS.

For more detailed information check them out and get proper schedule of events.

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