June 19, 2010

Holidays in Boston | Holiday Deals in Boston

Yes! I woke up a bit early today. Not like the past days but it is really blowing outside. So, must stay inside and surf on the net! The only thing after eating is the internet. Well, I am chatting with a friend in California and we always shared everything under the sun. Just know by then that she will be going to Boston with her husband to spend holidays.

Holidays to Boston she said, is a wish that she always asking her husband for three years. Finally, time come for reality! I can imagine how happy she was when sharing to me. Boston refers or known as the 'Walking City' . A place of historical cultures , historic charm and modern conveniences with a busy street life and beautiful architecture, green parks and gardens, skyscrapers and modern freeways, museums, galleries and colonial churches.

For more travel info about Boston trip. Just have time to read everything and look at different views that you might like when visiting Boston. My friend already has completed her list. She is wise and smart when it comes to travelling. No need to tell her what to do a clever woman I ever met.

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