June 6, 2010

Summer Flowers

Folks, everytime I saw flowers growing up somewhere I feel happy and so loving with them. I can truly appreciate how precious they are. Most specially those who are wild one. Near at our home, there are so much of yellow wild flowers in the nearest farm.

I can see them almost everyday. They adds colors to my life. Since, I dont have time yet to upload my own photos I tried surfing for summer flowers online and these flowers seems really the same of what is in here that surrounds our place.

I feel the real hot summer days! I love this way and most people here in Norway wants to take the chance to go out for swimming , gardening and other outdoor activites.

So, hope to enjoy more for the rest of the summer days!


Lulu Post said...

beautiful flowers

josie said...

para syang everlasting, ung flowers in Bagiuo