July 17, 2010

Enjoy Your Family Holidays

Before I came here in Norway, one of my wildest dream is to visit Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and the Seaworld in Orlando Florida. But of couse that is impossible for me now. I am just happy to see pictures and chat with friends who has been there not only once but more than as they expected. They use to enjoy Orlando Family Holidays during summer. With family , vacation is more meaningful and memorable for all.

Spending holidays far from where you are currently living is more exciting! Thinking from Norway to Florida will be a perfect gateaway one day. Who knows? I have friends there already so anytime I can visit them and I am sure they are willing to bring me over and see the beauty of Florida.

As long as we live, we can dream where we wanted to go. One more best thing that I am looking forward is the shopping mode. I am a shapaholic if given a permit. I want to have souvenir from the place where one of my wildest dream dictates.

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