July 16, 2010

Laila (28) to be thrown out - gets massive support

As a filipina living here in Norway, I felt pitty with this co-pinay having problem with her passport status. For me this is really in human, knowing that she is married to a norwegian and she is accused as criminal for not following some rules here in Norway when it comes to working.

Laila's passport stamped with the words that she had a work permit, as well as a numeric code behind. But that code is so complicated and found out that Laila's permit applied only as an au-pair-work and thus had the job in the cafeteria is illegal.

Laila and her family gets a massive support from other support group here in Norway and even in Facebook. As the update for now, she will be thrown out to Philippines and need to wait for two years before she can come back here.

Laila is married to Ole Kristian Navrud and have a son together , a six months cute baby boy.

Hope for the good solution for this. This is really hard for her and her husband and the rest of the family.


kat said...

hala Anne oi, kalooy sad...wala bang alternative solution, i mean, mag petition...kalooy sad sa family nya oi...

Cacai M. said...

Unsa mn na'ng au-pair-work diay la?