August 25, 2010

Hotels in Dublin Can Be A Good Choice

Where have you been this summer? Have you been to any places around the globe? Well, today my class talked about summer 'ferie' or what we called summer getaway. Most of my mates were into family vacation back to their home land, to Asia, America and Europe. Fun to hear from them, I can feel that they really had a great vacation.

One of my bestmate travel to Thailand and just came back two weeks ago. Then I met my co-pinays in the school during break time and they told me that they have been to Ireland and spent one week there with group of filipinas. I watched their pictures and really nice, they told me that they are planning to go back there next summer and they will let me know. Hope I can join them. Wishing upon the star. LOL!

Anyway since they invited me for their next travel, I am now curious where to stay LOL! Super advance folks, sorry for that. But that is me when excited.. I love to check in advance for preparation right? And of course hotels in Dublin can be my choice. Dublin is the largest city and capital of Ireland. It is about mid-way up the country and is in the province of Leinster.

I found out that Dublin is built on a river near where it enters the sea. Hotels are located in places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and relax after day of your tour in town around Ireland.

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