October 8, 2010

One Of My 2010 Mission Is...

Bathroom is a place where a family should take a chance to clean and make it perfect! This is a place where we use everyday and must be sanitized every now and then. Just few weeks ago me and my siblings are talking about our home bathroom in the province. We want to renovate it and buy new stuff inside. I agree because that place must completely be renovated. Then my sister asked my mom how much will be the expenses for renovation. My other siblings are also willing to contribute just to finish that project. Actually that is the only thing in whole house that we want to improve. So, we came to the point of searching and looking for stuff that might be needed. Just perfect that betterbathrooms.com has it all.

I immediately buzz my sister to check and find things they need in the province. We can order online and deliver it door to door. We want to find best and simple things and that are also affordable and with in our budget limit. My brother wanted to design the whole project. He volunteered for the designing. Then we girls are responsible in financing. Well, hope that this project will be materialize soon. The soonest the better.

I am excited already! Hope that my parents will be satisfied for this mission.

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