December 22, 2010

Smashing.... Embarrassing! Whatta Shame!

Grrrrrrr..... grrrrrr... what a day! what a day! I am embarrased and when checking opps online got an offer to have a review for a place where I hate! I truly hate to read that page.... reminds me of everything that truly ruined my whole day. It is a place in *Nxh* grrrrrrrrr..... what a shame! Why should I? I said no first but the advert email again and said I don't have enough reason to say no as they wanted my travel page to have a link to their page. What??????

BUT I will let it expired... I will not do it..... grrrrr.... my blood is not a blood anymore... forgive me but why and why? That place is the place where I don't want to read or even don't want to remember BUT tonight flashing all the way. Nightmare again for sure!!!

I want to ********!!!!

1 comment:

Dhemz said...

ayay! murag g high blood ang tagbalay da...tsk..tsk..tsk...kalma lang sis!

musta ang inyong pasko? daghan ka ug regalo...eehehehe!