January 19, 2011

The Importance Of Wearing High VIS

I live in a very cold country. Now is winter here and temperature differs everyday. Today back to coldest temperature the last two days ago it was perfect with sun shining and not blowing and no snowing. It was good time to tour around , skiing and having good time outside.

Before I do not understand why people here wear High Vis (as in High visibility clothing) most specially kids. When they go tour in forest or mountain camping it is more important. This is meant with good purpose. This is actually new to me because back to where I came from I only saw government officials wearing this kind of clothing. I mean those who work in the road or building up buildings.
This clothing is to secure more safety when you are out. If ever you get lost while roaming around you can be easily seen and rescued carefully. This is for our own safety. In my work , all my collogues has that kind of dress.

I am so lucky that I found this page tonight for my future reference. This is good page for me and for all. So if you need High Visibility Clothing you are now in the right page. Check and choose which one you like best!

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