March 15, 2011

10 Twitter Accounts Every IT Professional Should Follow

10 Twitter Accounts Every IT Professional Should Follow

IT professionals work in an exciting and always changing field. To keep up with this field and all that people are doing in it, you have to keep up with other IT professionals and the work that they are doing. Here are 10 Twitter accounts that every IT professional should follow to accomplish this.


Starting off with an interesting Twitter account, this individual hails from Bangkok, Thailand. This account may not have all readable Tweets but the links that it provides are worthwhile. You can see what IT stuff someone in Thailand is keeping tabs on.


This account is entirely in English so you should be able to read more of the Tweets this time. This casual account tells about this IT professional's random activities and musings and provides practical information like phishing scam alerts. This is a peek into another IT professional's mind.


This Twitter feed is hilarious and unbelievable. It features a lot of the discussions that this professional has with people he has tried to help. If you thought some people didn't know much about computers you have to read about these ungifted individuals.


This Twitter account is a stream of conversations with others on Twitter. You will hear about animal crackers, pancakes, passports, IT matters, and everything else. It's random and you should be chasing the randomness.


This Twitter user is both an IT professional and a bibliophile. You can learn about her TV and movie watching habits as well as about her random computer activities here.


This IT guy just loves talking about technology. He posts a lot of his own comments in Tweets and links you to some good articles on technological topics too. He discusses many of these topics with others on Twitter.


This IT professional in higher education directs you to so many articles on technology and just on being effective in the modern world that you shouldn't even think about missing a single Tweet. You will find facts and practical tips through this Twitter account.


This Silicon Valley IT professional has a Twitter account that is a fun combination of many things. Some of the Tweets and re-Tweets are pure humor and will make you laugh out loud. Other Tweets you find here comment on both technology and the state of the world today. The rest are just personal entries from this Twitter user talking about life. It's all good.


This Twitter account takes you through the musings of an IT professional. This account is lighthearted and fun. It is a nice break for any IT professional who needs one.


This Twitter feed alternates between amusing observations and useful comments about technology. The humor outweighs the seriousness but that's how it should be.

These are 10 Twitter accounts every IT professional should follow. They help you to connect with your fellow IT professionals from all over and to see what they're thinking about. Even if it takes you away from your focus on your IT work then the time spent is probably still worth it.

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