April 12, 2011

One More Pair Of Shoes!

It is now spring time. Yesterday was a very nice weather. Sunny and no blowing! But today is opposite of yesterday, it is raining and cold. Well, yesterday it was a bit disgusting with my shoes. I wore winter boots and all of my co-workers wore summer and spring shoes. I am really looking forward to have time to buy shoes like Merrell. As the picture shown here I want to have this kind of shoes.

It is light green with a very nice style and concrete design. This is really perfect for summer and walking! So hope to have one pair of this soon. Maybe a good idea if I have to buy it as a gift for myself. My birthday is coming and maybe as a remembrance for this year can buy one for myself. I found out that the price is affordable too. So what a good buy maybe for me? What do you think folk.

I can order online and I can maybe go to store where Merrell branded shoes can be found. Nice to buy branded one as it will last longer. I have one summer shoes but I need spare. Like a wheels need spare parts. LOL!

Anyway, for the day it is cold but thanks GOD for everything!

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