November 1, 2011

My Amsterdam Experience!

Have you been in Amsterdam in Netherlands? The first word that came out into my mouth was a big WOW and WHAT? From Amsterdam airport to Oslo takes only an hour. Amsterdam is known as a romantic channel and the imposing architecture of the 17th century, and a period that often called as the "Golden Century". My experienced was inside the Amsterdam airport. It is really a big place, I never imagined that kind of airport that a world can have.

The funny thing is that I almost left behind by the plane to Oslo just because I did not able to check my gate number and it happened that it changed. So I was all confident that everything goes well, then suddenly a woman ask me where should I go. I said Oslo and she said you are in the wrong lane this is going to Bergen. What? LOL..

So I run out and check my gate number and yes I am in the wrong lane instead of 47 my new gate number is 63 so it is really need running. I almost did not reach my plane to Oslo. It was funny but lesson learned, check all your ticket, gate number pass when your in the airport.

Anyway, that was my unforgetable Amsterdam trip before.

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