October 31, 2011

Summer Time Ends

The Gift Of Nature... Super Nice And Fantastic!

October 30 at 1:00am in the morning, we turned the clock back to one hour. Changing towards winter time. So finally we said goodbye to summer time. Now, four o'clock in the afternoon seems too dark specially when it's cloudy. During this summer, I really had good time exploring around and go swimming. Last summer I was a bit unlucky, I had an unforgetable allergies so I did not able to enjoy what summer should be. So thankful that this time I had fun.
So, since summer ends I will welcome winter time with gladness eventhough I am pretty sure it will be too cold as always. I will share some pictures here as my remembrance for this summer 2011. I love taking pictures specially when it's summer! Anyway enjoy pictures here.
I included a picture of blueberries that we love to picked when it's summer time. They are just around the road when we go for a walk or more in the forest. So much yummy!

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