December 17, 2011

Learn More About The Beauty Of Norway

Norway is one of the world’s wealthiest country today, it just proves to be the leading, but for its richness not just in historic treasure but also in natural wonders, it’s best to visit Norway, and see the beauty of Arctic Circle and take a glance of the midnight sun and visit its wonderful glaciers and mountains.

You can really be interested in discovering this place for it has lots to offer. From its cold winter atmosphere you really have lots to do and enjoy. Because of its snow condition, for sure you’ll like to try skiing, where you can drive down with your snow mobile and sledge your way and follow tracks, or try the cross skiing while enjoying its beautiful mountains, like Henrik Ibsen for its huge glaciers and landscapes, where you will really fall in love to the beauty of it.

In Oslo, the country’s capital, you can explore ancient Akersus Fortress, the Viking Ship Museum and the Oslo Museum where you can learn about its culture and history. Even beyond Oslo, also you can find wonderful places to see and visit, or take a look at the localities of the old Norwegian towns, and take a glance on some Cathedral ruins, museums and Winter Olympics remains. Where to be? visit Norway!

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