December 14, 2011

Sweden Travel Guide and Travel Information

You like nature tripping? Is best to visit Sweden, for the country is rich in natural wonders of landscapes with beautiful scenery and great outdoors, wonderful amusement parks and cities. If it’s your not first time here, it’s really has something new to offer.

Surely, you’ll like to visit their wonderful beaches that’s located on Baltic Island of Gotland, that is well-known in Sweden that’s really attractive most visitors specially during on summertime. When it comes to great architecture and historical sights, you would likely to be at Stockholm where great museums and shops are just around the corner for you to visit. Like in Kristianstad, a historical town and a world heritage.

The Lake Siljan, it’s the center of tradition and folklore, and is located at Dalarna in Central Sweden, its great to visit here during holidays of summer. The town nearby is popular for its folk dances, which is Rattvik, you can visit and see for yourself the dances made here. There are lots of National parks in Sweden, where nature are really untouched and preserves by the people here. One of them is the Sarek national park, for it is the wildest of all, for its high mountains, deep valleys and dangerous rivers, but definitely best for hikers only. Take a tour and for sure its a wonderful place.

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