January 14, 2012

The Landmark Hotel In London

Looking for a five star hotel that is truly exceptional and accommodating? The Landmark London will sure to give you the best service and offers. A comfortable stay with the most professional and accommodating staff to guide you on your every need. They will sure to provide you the most grandest and impeccable service in their rooms, food and other facilities.

This Hotel opened in 1899 in Marylebone Road in London. There are two main entrances one in the north and the other one in the southern part of the Road. You will sure to enjoy their Lovely Winter Garden Decors with A Big Christmas Tree for their December Theme. The food that is served are surely prepared and cooked with love.

This hotel will make you feel special on your every visit, a good comfortable bed with its stunning and breathtaking surroundings with a great atrium hall that you’ll enjoy with log fires that will make you feel warm and comfy.

The design and the architectural concept are Victorian and a first class of its own beauty and elegance, it is an old fashioned hotel but the service and accommodations are truly modern and professional. You will all find it here, at The Landmark London.

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