January 16, 2012

Palma: A Marvelous City in Spain

Spain is a very romantic country, and someday, I want to be able to visit Palma. It is the major city and port on the island of Majorca in Spain. It is also considered a prime holiday destination. I have a feeling their climate has a lot to do with it. Its climate is just perfect for a day frolicking in the sandy beaches of Palma.

As I am writing this, I am actually checking how much the flights to Palma cost. Earlier, I was browsing the Internet for some information about the city. At the same time, I tried to check out the many attractions the city has to offer. Given the chance, I would love to visit the Bellver Castle, which is renowned worldwide for its odd circular shape and three semi-circular towers.

Of course, I also checked on transportation just to make sure we wouldn’t have a hard time visiting the attractions and tourist spots. I found out that there are many Spain car hire booths at the airport. At least, we can rent a car in case we decide travel in a private vehicle rather than ride public transportation.

Since I am a Catholic, I am also planning to visit La Sue. It is a beautiful and magnificent Roman Catholic Cathedral located in the city. Aside from these attractions and special places, Palma is also home to the Majorca Museum and Porta de Soller. Within and around the area are restaurants and shops. Hence, I’m quite sure that I would enjoy a vacation in that lovely place.

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