March 15, 2012

Items That Are Not Allowed During Flights to USA

If you were trying to book flights to USA, then you would do well to read up. We will be discussing some of the things that the TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, bans in carry-on and checked-in luggage. This is to spare you from hassles when traveling to, within, or from the United States.

For instance, according to the TSA, lighters may not be carried on or off-board when you travel to the US. Hence, if you were a smoker, you’d have to hold the nicotine until you get to your destination. Why, you may ask, does the airport ban such item? Well, according to them, such items are a threat to security.

However, what’s really bothering is the fact that there are other “high risk” items that are being allowed on board. Even with tight airport security, some items still find their way inside airplanes. Hence, a thin line is drawn between principles.

Lighters are banned while corkscrews may be brought on-board in some countries. Toy guns are banned in the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries, but in the US, only toy guns that look real are banned. Nail files are banned, but nail clippers pass through. Obviously, drawing the line between what is and what is not allowed could be extremely difficult.


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