March 16, 2012

Lake Mead National Recreation Area Arizona Nevada

Formerly known the Boulder Dam Recreation Area, located at southern Nevada and northwestern part of Arizona. This Recreation area has the Lake Mead and the Lake Mohave, which officially opened to public on October 8, 1964. It has a lot to offer to all its visitors and guest, here you can boat, swim, sunbath, go fishing, and even you can go hiking if you want to.

If you love nature, this place is best for you to visit and explore, for they have nine hundred different kinds of plant species, five hundred animal species, twenty-five endangered species of its kind and many others. The lake itself has different looks and spots for you to explore and cliffs that make you wow this place a lot. From the scene of beautiful sunset and different rays of light that will expose you closer to nature.

A different touch of preserved environment that is truly a wonderful experience, form the lake itself and around it, the reflections of beautiful mountains for sure it make your stay here a remarkable one. Make your visit here a very super inspiring nature trip ever, a recreational place that will make your soul breathe into a different light.

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