March 31, 2012

What to bring during travel time

I have here few things to bring during travel time! These are not the complete lists but they are useful tips! I am pretty sure there are much more things needed, but I just want to share this up! Remember that during your travel, you must not bring heavy or bulky stuffs that will give you problem on your vacation time!

Travel blanket for your comfort, it is good and safe to use your own.

Medicine kit, most important if incase you feel something bad during your travel

Laptop to keep updates most specially in blogging and chat.Lol!

This is a must! lol...agree? Must have a complete set of make up.

These will make your day more complete !

I am sure i missed lots of stuff but maybe I can add it next day! For now, I am sharing you my wants, super over churva stuff.

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