May 10, 2012

Traveling a thousand miles

Everyone deserves a break after a long day at work. Everyone knows that and would agree because it is not just good for our health but it also rejuvenates one’s critical thinking. And lately, I’ve been spending so much time bustling in the office and I believe I deserve a fresh air to clear up things in my mind.

Several friends of mine are suggesting spending that time far away from where I am right now. It means I have to travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles for an adventure holidays Crete out in the beach. I’m sure the modern and ancient Greece lifestyle is fascinating to know while enjoying a sumptuous Greek style meal. I only knew a little about Greece so this could be a good opportunity to exploit and
learn something of Greek civilization.

And perhaps this could be a good gift for me, a deserving treat for another number added in my age. This is indeed a possibility that might happen sooner and that I am seriously thinking of pursuing this plan. Who knows, the next thing that I may be doing is searching the internet for a cheap holiday travel going there and of course not to forget to gather information and reviews about it.

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