June 7, 2012

Budget-Wise London Vacation

Everyone knows that London is indeed one of the world’s most expensive places to stay. Much more when you’re just visiting the city for an ambitious vacation. If you’re not financially capable then better skip London for the mean time. However, if London is really your dream vacation, maybe we can just look for ways to make your stay cheap even though it still expensive compared to other vacation places.

First and foremost book your flights at least 6 months before your planned vacation. The earlier you book it, the cheaper it is. Don’t forget to compare prices. If you’re just living nearby, check other ways to get to London like trains and ferries. If it is way cheaper compared to riding a plane then have it then. However, if you’re in a tight schedule and want to maximize your London stay, arriving via plane would be the fastest.

Next would be your accommodation. You don’t have to stay in a five star hotel to make your London stay extravagant. You won’t be staying in your hotel room most of the time so better get the cheaper ones because you won’t be living in the place anyway. If that’s the case then you will need mortgage brokers in London for that matter. The internet is always an open book for this kind of information.

There would always be this someone who visited London before and stayed somewhere and happened to share it in the internet. Just have a little patience to type what you want in the search bar.

Then have a list of the famous tourist spots in London and make a research about beforehand like how to get there, would there be an entrance fee, etc.

If you’re not visiting London for food, then you can skip eating in expensive restaurants. A couple of those kinds of places will do but not all the time. Again search for what has been the crowd’s favorite and it is expensive then better save some for it beforehand.

The most important thing of all is to save and always bring extra money because there are inevitable circumstances along the way. Don’t also forget to document everything, this is your dream vacation and don’t just let it pass by without any souvenirs.

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