June 23, 2012

Heading To Sweden Tomorrow

Will be going to Sweden tomorrow with friends. We will be in the border between Norway and Sweden and that is the big shopping mall called Norby. This is usually most Norwegians go to buy food. It cost less there than here, specially alcoholic drinks. Well, we will not buy any alcoholic drinks we will go shopping and bonding with my new two friends.

Calling time is 9.10. That is a bit early for me but in the name of Sweden tour will be there on time 'hopefully'. Anyway, my friend's husband will gonna be our driver this time. Thanks for the invitation and will finally see Norby. The last time, I was in Sweden but in the other side so this time, will gonna check this place tomorrow.

The forecast says it will be raining but just hope not that cold. Still no summer heat here now. Still spring time... Hmmm... well, well.. Sweden we are coming.

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