June 25, 2012

Olympic Games in London 2012

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It’s official and Olympic Games in London 2012 is about to unfold! What do you excite about in this much awaited event of the year? Perhaps, there are lots of stuffs and surprises to expect aside for celebrating summer though.

This year, it will be third time for London to host the Olympics since 1908 and 1948. And everyone in London is excited for it since it’s an honor for them to be part of this much awaited event of the year in the world. Of course it is as well a big opportunity for students around the world to explore and know more about Britain and other countries part of it which are England, Scotland and Wales.

The London Olympic Games 2012 will take place in 28 venues around London and the UK but mainly, majority of the Olympic Games will be held in Old Park in Stratford in East London. Together with that are the 26 types of Olympic Sports and 20 Paralympic Sports which is part of the said event. Not just that, there are 205 nations who are expected to take part in 300 events at the Olympic Games in London 2012 while there will be 147 nations who then will take part in Paralympic Games too.

The Olympic Games will start on July 27th to August 12th of this year which then will followed by Paralympic Game 2012 which will start on August 29 til September 9, 2012.

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