July 12, 2012

Explore and discover Taj Mahal

My dear friend was in India last month and she allowed me to post these pictures here. Fantastic place! As we all know that Taj Mahal is a miraculous and one great architectural structure ever built. Its uniquely designed features and textures that will really open your eyes and captivate your hearts in a new reflection of love and life. It is eventually a Tomb and an offering gift for a love one, we all knew the story behind, I guess. Exploring this one of a kind monument is truly indigenous and amazing, for the beauty itself is truly magnificent. From a far, you can view its amazingly designed palace covered with beautiful shades of marbles.

A symmetrical view in any way with the combination of Persian and Indian designs truly a complex of beauty. The Tomb in a Mughal design just defines the Persian architecture. It has chambers in an octagon shape with wondrous arches that’s truly symmetrical to each other. Different views from top to bottom and from east to west, surely promotes the art that has presented and decorated throughout the palace. It provides a lot of emphasis that are remarkably astonishing. The placement of every detail with the traditional Hindu and Persian will come up with the integration of beauty and charm. It’s not just a typical Mausoleum for the dead, but originally a place you can call heaven on earth for the beauty itself is main presentation.

A lot of abstract designs used throughout in every detail and every cornerstone of the mosque. The walls are sculpted with very realistic designs of flowers and vines that are polished and complete with every detail. Truly, it is a wonderful place to see.

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